Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

April 20, 2015 - Area 3: Campbell River

Restoring the Pool

The title of today's email perfectly describes what kind of week it has been in Campbell River. We haven't found much in the way of new investigators, but rather re-establishing our teaching pool by recontacting former investigators that Elder Bricoe and I taught.

The first big miracle of the week occurred Tuesday morning just after I shoved Britaini's teaching record in the former pool. She wouldn't reply to our messages and we were quite disappointed. We had originally planned to tract fairly close to our apartment, but the spirit wasn't having it. It seemed to give us the prompting to go up to around the downtown area and do some store contacting. Elder Heiner spotted a GNC store (which is a place where you can buy protein supplements for working out) and see if he could find some people to relate to. Sure enough when we walked in, nobody was around except the person who worked there. Of all the people it could be, IT WAS BRITAINI! She was really happy to see us and hadn't lost interest since we last spoke to her. We got her new address. When we asked her why she wasn't replying to our texts, she told us that her phone had quit working on her. Somewhere, the Lord had to be chuckling at this one! These things just don't happen.

We managed to have a quick lesson with her on Saturday night. For whatever reason, she couldn't make it to church the next day, but that won't stop us from teaching her.

Among other people that have returned to the pool are Mary, who we had a great lesson with at the church on Saturday night as well. She believed every word of the Plan of Salvation and she definitely wants to be baptized, she's just not sure when would be best. We invited her to pray to find out whether or not May 30th would be a good day to aim for. The only trouble was, she didn't come to church on Sunday.

The newest investigator in our pool is Candace's husband, Curtis who is suddenly interested in being baptized too! We set a date with him for the 23rd of May. Next month could indeed be perhaps the biggest one of my mission so far.

Lastly, we managed to reconnect with Adrian, though we haven't been able to teach her since then. She keeps on having to do a ton of baby sitting for some friends so her house has been crazy.  

Those are the main people we've been working with. This email will be a little bit short since Elder Heiner and I are getting ready to head out to Rebecca Spit over on Quadra Island. We don't know too much about the place, but it's apparently a gorgeous place to be! The photos will likely have to wait for next Monday, but until then, please pray for these investigators. Too many times have we been stuck in a cycle of doing really well in our area and then losing everybody all over again. If it be God's will, we want to help people get baptized! I hope everyone enjoys the spring weather. Ours looks very promising indeed! Have a good one!  

Elder Maclean Samis    

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