Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May 11, 2015 - Area 3: Campbell River

Area 4:  Surrey 1st West

There are many names I could give to this week's email... Elder Heiner and I have a couple of long days ahead of us. If you took part in my Mothers Day Skype call, you will pretty much be up to speed on what's been going on during the most interesting part of my mission. Saturday night at around 8:20 pm, we received a call from our zone leader, now turned assistant, Elder Lewis who told Elder Heiner and I that we were both going to be leaving Campbell River!

I will be going back to the lower mainland to serve in Surrey 1st West. My new companion? Elder Bonfield, my beloved MTC companion, along with another Elder who's name I can't remember at the moment. I'm going to be in a tri-panionship in among the busiest areas in the mission. I'm heading for Greater Vancouver! No, this is real, I kid you not. We live in a world where random things happen when you least expect them. Elder Heiner meanwhile is moving to Vancouver East for the last 6 weeks of his mission with Elder Gawrys, Elder Briscoe's trainer in Campbell River. Crazy right? 

It gets crazier! Here's another batch of news you would not have heard if you Skyped with me the other day. A few hours after the call over Skype, we received a phone call from the assistants who told us that missionaries in Campbell River will be taken out temporarily due to the lack of new missionaries coming into the mission. We couldn't help but feel a bit devastated over the news. What will happen to the ward, Candace, the Sewids, and Britaini is uncertain. I guess it's all between them and the Lord now. No details for our traveling plans yet.     

As for the week before the big news, the work has been reasonably good. On Tuesday we put in some time to help Brother Watson with the Bison Ranch. We fixed the barb wire fences up which isn't exactly the most comfortable thing to do when there's dozens of 2400 lb animals living on the other side of it... We taught Britaini a solid lesson on the plan of salvation which she really enjoyed. There was a lot of interaction between the 3 of us. We finished up on Candace's lesson on the commandments. Tara hasn't been around for a good part of the week. She took a trip with Rick but we did manage to visit her last night and broke the bad news to her. We haven't told anyone else but the Knowles and Bishop that the area is shutting down.

We haven't received our travel plans but we'll have to spend a lengthy time cleaning our apartment out and preparing it for whatever the Knowles decide to do with it once we're gone. Once we finish our cleaning, it's off to Quadra Island where we will be eating dinner at the Stewart-Webb's home. This may sound like a negative email but I'm excited for Surrey and being back with Elder Bonfield. Surrey is a large place and I haven't come close to serving in an area quite like it. I'm pretty sure all the working out I've been doing with Elder Heiner has kept my stress levels at bay. 10 months ago I would be scared out of my dress slacks if I had to go through this, but right now I'm not. 

I'll end this email by saying happy Mothers Day to all the awesome moms out there including mine! Motherhood truly is a sacred role in God's plan and I'll forever be grateful for all the work my Mom has put into raising us 3 kids! Have a great week everybody! Talk to you from Surrey next Monday!

Elder Maclean Samis     

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