Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

July 27, 2015 - Area 4: Surrey East

Hello from a now slightly-less dry Surrey, BC! There's quite a bit to talk about this week. If my emails have seemed short lately, I apologize. Its often quite hard to summarize the main events that take place during your weeks on a mission because they disappear in a flash. It feels like I was sitting at this computer 2 days ago. Well the week started off pretty good with back to back exchanges. The first was in Delta where I served with Elder Kelly on Tuesday. The best way I can describe him is pretty similar to Elder Lamb. He's like a big 10 year old. Loves to laugh and smile, he even likes Taylor Swift (So did Elder Lamb. Anyhow we taught this guy that's been investigating the church on and off in Delta for 6 months or so. His name is Kushal and he's East Indian (surprise). He's having a really hard time understanding the English gospel terms so its hard. We really had to reach out with the spirit as we re-taught the gospel of Jesus Christ for what was perhaps the 4th time. Meanwhile the other Elders Lawlor and Tolman were left in Surrey with Elder Hall. They taught Ian the word of wisdom and he appears to not have a problem with it. They also had a very spiritual lesson with Levi and Sonya, teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even so, the language barrier is still an issue. Wednesday, right after district meeting, Elder Tolman stayed in our area and Elder Slack joined us. We did a bunch of contacting at the bus stops by Guildford mall and then moved on to stop by a few less active members who weren't home. The next morning we had another lesson with Ian right before swapping back our companions. We taught him the full gospel of Jesus Christ (I know, this one was taught a lot this week) and he accepted everything. He still says he's unsure if he's gotten an answer that God is there and the church is true. Perhaps he's waiting on some crazy strong prompting. Despite the 2 lessons, he didn't show up at church on Sunday. Friday was great! at around 4:00 pm the church employment center called us and said that there was a lady named Sara and her boyfriend Jay who needed some help moving. We were happy to get the assignment! It was hard work but the couple was very pleased with our help. They fed us Samosas for dinner too! Turns out that Jay is a less active member and he's been seriously thinking about coming back to church. Sara said that she'd be willing to come as well but they didn't make it. They made it clear that they wanted us to visit again sometime and that they would feed us again too! On Saturday we had a nice lunch with the Scarletts, a young recently married couple. The husband Randy is originally from Jamaica and he's a convert to the church. He served his mission in Edmonton of all places! It was cool hearing about his experiences in Alberta. He spent about a year in YSA work though he didn't serve in my ward. Hopefully this is a little more lengthy then usual. Unfortunately, the church employment center with be closed due to a holiday this next Monday so don't fear if you don't see a message that day. Our P Day will be on Tuesday instead. Have a great week! Elder Samis

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