Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 6 April 2015

April 6, 2015 - Area 3: Campbell River

Back to Nanaimo

Happy Easter! It's been one of the more interesting weeks on my mission. On Monday as part of Elder Briscoe's farewell, him and I played a few games of croquet with the Knowles family. I won the first and my companion won the other 2. It was far more fun than I anticipated and the kids loved it!.

Elder Briscoe was taken down to Nanaimo Tuesday night and we stayed in the north apartment for the night. The zone leaders were busy driving Elders (including Elder Briscoe) to and from the ferry terminal to get them with their new companions all day long. On top of that, Elder Heiner didn't get to Nanaimo on his ferry until 7:45 pm. as a result, they decided to place me with Elder Whited who is serving in Powell River. I spent much of that afternoon visiting old friends. I visited Brother Marshall, and then Bruce who I'm very pleased to report is fully active in the church! :) He seems a lot happier being a member then while we were teaching him.

Lastly I visited Sasha who had us over for dinner! It was such a great reunion. She had a few of her friends from Taiwan over. It's moments like these as a missionary that make you forget about all the negative experiences you go through. It's all totally worth it. Sasha told me that I had changed a lot since I began my mission. That I've become more confident and not bulged-eyed whenever I'm spoken to. The change has been a product of my mission, something that I will forever be grateful for.

The trip back to Campbell River the next morning once I was placed with Elder Heiner was troublesome. We didn't have much issue coming back until we got a call from Elder Haskins, our new district leader and Elder Whited's new companion. They told us that Elder Whited had left a couple things in our car so we had to drop them off in Courtney so that they could come and get them before getting on the ferry back to Powell River. It should be noted that I was driving on this trip, and even using the map it was very difficult to know how to get back on Highway 19 once we started making an attempt to leave. We went through a few logging roads before finally calling the Courtney Elders for directions. Getting back into Courtney off the old roads was a little hairy! After that we got home still in one peace but also exhausted from all the worry and the driving. The fact that we had our weekly planning right after sitting for all those hours wasn't too fun either. 

Our teach pool isn't bare but everyone of our investigators is on hold. Not one of them went to conference at the church and we haven't heard from Amanda at all since our first meeting with her. Britaini has been wanting to meet with us but she's been busy moving. We asked if we could help but as a lot of people answer, she said that she was fine. She says that she'll be available Wednesday. While we were in Nanaimo, we called Mary to see if there was a time we could see her before General Conference but she couldn't make it. Candis never showed up either, despite telling us over the phone that she would come a day earlier... Between conference and our traveling, we had next to no lessons.     

And what can I say about Elder Heiner? He's been great! He loves everybody and is one heck of an athlete. He loves sports, especially football and he's a fitness freak! Very strong for his size. He claims he's 5'7 which is what I measured myself at before my mission. This indicates that I'm getting taller because I'm clearly a little taller than him! Mwahahaha! For the first time since I was like 15, I'm actually growing!  

Easter weekend has been pleasant. General Conference was good though I'm a little disappointed that there were a few who apposed the sustaining of President Monson and the apostles. It's apparently been the first time that has happened since 1980. I also admit that while eternal marriage and families is a good topic to emphasize, it's something you don't get overly excited about hearing as a missionary.  Hearing President Tilleman's name announced as a member of the seventy was very cool! He was my mission president long enough to know that it's a position I could see him in one day. Not much of a surprise really.

Sunday night we had Easter dinner with the Knowles family. We had a bit of a scary experience the other night. We had finished working in a certain area that was a short distance from home. The only way to get through it was through trails through a grove of trees. It was close to 9:00 pm and we had to go back home in the dark. The trail wasn't lit by any source of light but the moon. About half way home we heard a low rumbling growl! Frightened by this, we turned around and went the other way! Nothing followed us, but there was no way we were going back in there. Fortunately, we got a ride home from Brother Emery who took us the long way home. The result of all this? A story to tell long after the mission!      

Thus begins my 11th transfer in the Canada, Vancouver Mission. I'm still alive and well. Now comes the task of continuing to work with Elder Heiner to find and teach more people. I hope you've had a wonderful spring break and Easter. May we continue to reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of the savior. Till next Monday, goodbye and enjoy the first full week of April!

Elder Maclean Samis

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