Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 29 September 2014

September 29, 2014 - Area 2: Clearbrook (Abbotsford)


The week has been okay, although a bit on the sore side. Last pday shortly after typing my email, we played some two touch rugby with the missionaries from Chilliwack and Mission. It was rather good fun even though I've never played rugby in my life. The day after however, I regreted playing it. For some strange reason my back was sore the next day and kept becoming sorer and sorer as the week rolled on. It didn't make much sense since I only fell down several times during the game, getting up each time and feeling fine. The fact that we helped a non member with some dry walling Thursday morning and a less active move on Saturday didn't help matters out one bit! Thanks to a massage by Elder Lamb a few hours ago, it's been feeling quite a bit better now.

We taught lesson 3 to Chris on Tuesday and he keeps living the word of wisdom. Only trouble is he didn't come to church on Sunday. The same night we had another great visit with the Noftle family. We briefly met a couple of thier friends from Japan who were just going back home. The Noftles told us that they were keen on investigating the church when they go back to Japan! I know that both of my parents will enjoy this little story as they both served missions in Japan. 

On Wednesday we found a new investigator named Diane who had been sitting in the potential pool for a while. She has a son with various health problems and is looking for the church with the "most truth" in it. She was quite sick when we dropped by, but we shared a quick spiritual thought and said a prayer for her before we left. When the prayer was finished, I thought that her eyes had gotten misty as we said goodbye.  

Thursday was a special district meeting where President and Sister Burt were attending. I have encontered very few people who have been as loving and inspired as our mission parents. President Burt spoke on how much better he believes working with the members to do missionary work is rather then just tracting for hours at a time. He wants us to work hard, yes, but he also wants us to have fun while we do it! After the meeting they took us out to lunch. 

Sadly we couldn't meet Alex this week. We went to the Clarkes' place for dinner but he called and said that he couldn't make it. :( There's still a very good chance we'll be able to meet with him this week. We had a part member family move in a while ago. Brother M. is less active and his wife, Suki is interested in the church. They invited us over for dinner tomorrow.

Well even though the week has been a bit slower then expected, it doesn't mean that it hasn't been enjoyable.  I love it here! I'll be going to the Vancouver Temple tomorrow morning so that should be great. I love all of you and wish you well as the first week of October approaches. Hope the weather isn't too bad. Cheers!

Elder Maclean Samis          



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