Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 31 March 2014

March 31, 2014 - Nanaimo South

Hello again everybody! I'm happy to say that Elder Lawter and myself have managed to pull our act together and recover from a tough start to our transfer. The weather has overall been quite nice. The flowers are just starting to bloom and it'll be nice to see the sun more often. 

On Wednesday we were unexpectedly contacted by a Sister from Leduc, Alberta. She told us that she lived in Nanaimo many years ago. She said her Father was a non member but he knew that two of his Grandsons were serving missions. He had suffered a series of strokes and was hospitalized. Knowing that his Grandsons were priesthood holders, he found out from his daughter that there were missionaries in Nanaimo and that they could give him a blessing. We drove to the hospital that night and we found his room where a small group of family (some church members, some not) were gathered at his bed. I agreed to seal the blessing but I felt really uncomfortable about doing it in front of a bunch of complete strangers. None the less, I was given the courage to give him the blessing he needed. Everyone there was very pleased with our help. It was a really cool experience!       

Saturday turned out to be a day of miracles! That morning we were street contacting on Milton where we talked to a woman named Angela. We told her about our church and when we mentioned that we believed there were prophets on the earth again and that they would be speaking to us next Sunday in a broadcast we called "General Conference", she was astonished. She wanted to know where our church was and when we told her the address she said she REALLY wanted to be there! .

We still don't have any new baptismal dates set yet but the Lord may be helping us resurrect one! We stopped by Clara's  Saturday afternoon. As you probably have learned, from my previous entries, Clara was an investigator that Elder Groeneveld and I set a baptismal date with back in the middle of February the day we met her. After stopping back at her house multiple times since meeting her only to have her family members tell us that she was either in bed sick or out shopping, Clara herself finally answered the door... and sure enough she was looking as sick as her family described. She looked so tired and pale that I could barely recognize her at first. None the less, she was happy to see us and invited us in! We had to explain the "opposite sex" rule we have as missionaries and she agreed to let us stop by Wednesday this week! We'll likely offer her a blessing if she still isn't feeling better by then. We were so glad that we hadn't given up on her and it made us remember how the savior never gives up on us. I guess Clara didn't give up on us either!  
On Sunday we were stopped by a man named Dale, who as it turns out was a former from a long time ago. He told us he wanted to meet with missionaries again and we agreed to later this week. He's a super cool guy and seems quite enthusiastic to start learning about the gospel again! We tracted out a trailer park later that evening where we met both some very nice people and some very rude people. As I always say, "No two doors are quite a like." and this statement is especially true with this trailer park.

Well there's the week in a about a page or less. Thank you all for praying through me. It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to many more! 

Until next time,

Elder Maclean Samis    

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