Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 17 March 2014

March 17, 2014 - Nanaimo South

Hey everybody! It's been a quiet week in terms of finding. Last week we found 3 investigators and we still haven't had any of our appointments go through yet. On Tuesday during another exchange with Elder Rolfson, we tracted on one of the richest areas of Nanaimo, TRINITY DRIVE. Not knowing how nice the homes were there, it was quite a shock and I felt slightly intimidated by being there. Even so, both of us got the strong impression that we had to stay there. Almost all the people on Trinity were either atheist or born again with zero interest... except for the very last house on that street where we met Seema. She had company over when we knocked on her door but set a return appointment anyway. The lesson? Never ignore the promptings of the spirit!      
Ladysmith has been disappointing thus far. We spent a lot of time there on Thursday and Friday without any finding success. Our appointment on the reserve fell through and due to the distance of it from the town, Elder Groeneveld and I have decided that it's best to stay in the town for now. On Friday the two of us were attempting to find a member family's address on the south side. It was there where we came across a group of huge homes nestled in the hills by the ocean. There was another area close by on the very edge of town where a cluster of brand new several story palaces sat high above the highway almost hidden by the thick trees that surrounded them. The cost of these homes must have been off the charts because there was a giant 'private property, no trespassing' sign in front of the turn-in.  Elder Groeneveld turned to me and said "It makes me sick thinking how rich some people are!" I turned to him and said; "Just remember Elder, homes like these are nothing compared to what your home on high will be like." 
Later that night Elder Groeneveld had to go to a baptismal interview while I exchanged with a greenie named Elder Sorenson. Because the both of us are naturally shy and quiet, tracting door to door for those few hours were pretty adventurous. We didn't find anybody until one of the last houses we knocked on where a man named Steve talked to us. He said he had gone to a lot of churches and he didn't understand the Bible that well. Amazingly, the two of us were able to answer every question we were asked! He agreed to have us over this Tuesday and I'm excited to teach him more. During the last half hour, the two of us were walking along Nicol Street and towards downtown Nanaimo. It was around 8:30 at night and for whatever reason, it was dead silent when we got there. When we saw that nobody was there we turned around and started heading back to the apartment. As we headed back we both got a really heavy feeling that was warning us to get back to the apartment parking lot as soon as possible. We were not sure why we got the warning from the spirit but we knew that it was best to follow it. We felt much safer when we got there.

The Zone Leaders in Nanaimo got two baptisms this week! :) Sue and Bob have been meeting with Elder Duersch and Glover for quite sometime and we got to attend their baptisms on Saturday at 4:00pm. The Larsen family and Brother B are both doing great! Marly and her two kids Lilly and Malachi have come to church and have loved it! Lilly turns 8 on May 4th so it's quite possible that she will be baptized! As for Brother B he's come to church for the third straight Sunday! What a blessing it is to be able to help re-activate!

Shortly after the baptism we exchanged again. I went on an exchange with one of my zone leaders, Elder Duersch. He's an amazing missionary and the two of us found great success together when we taught A new investigator living on the north side of Nanaimo named Chris. We taught him about prayer and the spirit was clearly there. Even though I still don't talk that much I feel like I have the desire to talk to people as the spirit guides. After teaching Chris we stopped by a less active named Matt who has been reading the scriptures frequently and asked us a lot of questions about them he was uncertain of. Amazingly, Elder Duersch and myself were able to answer the questions to some pretty deep questions about the Book of Mormon. Matt has come to church the last couple Sundays so we're really happy for him!      
So even though we haven't been finding, we have been doing some quality work with our less actives. No matter how tough things get I'm still a firm believer that everything will work out ok as long as we have faith and we work hard. Transfers are coming up this Wednesday and we'll be off to Richmond again. My first transfer has flown by so quickly. Where does your time go on your mission? As always, I love you all and miss you greatly! 

 Until next time,

Elder Maclean Samis  

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