Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 24 February 2014

February 24, 2014 - Nanaimo South

Hello again everyone and welcome to another weekly update. Good to hear that all my pictures went through! I was worried that I would need to resend everything the next week. The weather was great at the start of the week but it began snowing Saturday night. It hasn't quit since then and the city of Nanaimo is getting a small taste of what it's like back home! I never thought I would see so much white stuff on the island. It got so bad that the bishop ended up having to cancel church yesterday. We also got our car stuck in the snow facing uphill. Since the snow is wet and not dry it's really easy to get stuck in. We ended up having to leave the car behind and had the zone leaders pick us up. Not sure how soon it will be before we can get it out and we may have to tract on foot in some pretty gross weather! :(

 On Monday morning my companion and I got a pretty nasty wake up call before the sun rose. Some noisy neighbors were drinking, blasting music and yelling. The noise didn't stop until after a few hours. The Landlord kicked them off the property later that day after several complaints were filed by the other residence.  

On Wednesday we went to a zone conference at the stake center where we heard from Elder Christianson, a member of the 70 who was born in BC. He's truly an amazing speaker and he said something that I will never forget; "Everything that is on this earth, at this time, has been prepared for you!"   
We've met some pretty solid investigators this week. On Thursday we met one of them tracting Gallipse Road, a street just behind our apartment complex and one of the most ghetto places in the city. When we knocked on the 2nd door, we met Clara, a young First Nations woman who lived with her parents, son, and boyfriend all in a small house. When we told her who we were she invited us to come in immediately. It was my first time being in the house of an investigator and it was incredible how strong I felt the spirit when I walked into the the door of this humble home. The family had pictures of the savior all over the place! Elder Groeneveld and I taught her a little about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation. She took great interest and agreed to be baptized on March 22! 

On Sunday night as we tracted through the slushy streets near downtown, we came across a young man named Shrey who introduced us to a couple of girls he lived with named Divyath and Sherina. All 3 of them were university students who recently immigrated from India. When Sherina found out that we were missionaries, she told us that she had been baptized in India before coming to Canada and was active in the church. The problem was she didn't even know that there was a church building in Nanaimo! Divyhath and Shrey meanwhile seem pretty keen on learning more about the gospel.  

I never truly knew the great joy that missionary work would bring until meeting new people within their homes. My companion and I are looking forward to teaching more. The weather may be bad here, but we are ready to keep going about to hasten God's work. It sounds like I'll be going on exchanges with the Duncan Elders on Tuesday. I love you all and hope things are well at home. I keep praying for all of you, especially Grandma Samis and I hope she gets well soon. 

Elder Maclean Samis             


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