Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 8 June 2015

June 8, 2015 - Area 4: Surrey East

The Breath of Life

I'm tired. If only I could leave this week's message at that but I can't because I love you guys.

It's been a better week then last, results wise. Elder Lawlor and I went on an exchange with the assistants on Tuesday. Elder Lawlor went with Elder Lewis and I was placed with one of my old MTC buddies, Elder Cottingham. I had a great trip with him. We've both noticed immense changes in each other since that time over 16 months ago when we were in the MTC together.  Gosh, we've been out that long? We found and dropped by a few former investigators. Elder Cottingham being the monster of a missionary that he is managed to find a couple of YSA people and set baptismal dates with them almost as soon as he met them! He sent there info to the YSA Langley ward Elders who will be teaching them.

What happened the next day? Another exchange - this time with the zone leaders. I went to Delta with Elder Hall and we saw some good success there. We talked to a really cool Vietnamese lady named Jeana who was really into the idea of the Book of Mormon. Her English was pretty much perfect. She agreed to read it and she has a return appointment for next week. Elder Lawlor and Elder Green found a miracle of a man named Jonathan who we saw the very next day. We taught him at the church employment center since he's been looking for work. We taught him about baptism along with the word of wisdom and set a baptismal date for July 7th!    

Elder Lewis and Elder Lawlor taught Levi, the man who came to church with the Cardwell family, and his wife Sonya. Both of them are from Taiwan and will only be in Canada for another 6 months so it's likely they will be passed on to the Chinese Missionaries in Richmond. Elder Lawlor knows how to write Mandarin so he did most of the teaching with characters on a piece of paper defining words. They understood baptism and they have a date for July 7th!

Last Saturday Elder Lawlor and I found a young woman named Keara while tracting. She's been a strict atheist much of her life and only went to a church with her friend back when she was younger. When Elder Green and Elder Lawlor taught her on the exchange she seemed to feel the spirit quite strongly.    

Towards the end, our week became exceedingly sore. Our car was taken away from us on Wednesday since there are some missionaries in Kelowna that need a car real bad so now we're on transit. Our bus passes costed a whopping 91 dollars and thank goodness the church filled our cards and allowed us to purchase them. So now we're off in the scorching heat sweating like crazy doing missionary work. It's been quite the experience really. It can only get better though as we now have a pretty good looking teaching pool mainly a result of our exchanges which proved to be our little "breath of life." Perhaps the storm of struggle is finally lifting and now we can press forward. Have an awesome week!

Elder Maclean Samis     

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