Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June 22, 2015 - Area 4: Surrey East

Return of the Tri

Happy Fathers Day and Summer Solstice! The weather is hot and sunny and the days are longer then ever. So begins another week in Surrey and my 17th month as a missionary is in the books. I'm getting old now and that means more pressure is on the way as I reach towards the end of it all. Life will never be the same afterward.
Transfers just passed and Elder Lawlor will be staying in Surrey East but we have another third Elder joining us. His name is Elder Tollman and he's half Chinese. I don't know a lot about him but we talked to him on the phone the other day and he seems like a cool guy. He's been out almost as long as I have so there will be plenty on experience between the 3 of us. As difficult as the last transfer was, we're getting ready to rock and roll for the next one!
In other interesting news Elder Bonfield has been moved to Nanaimo North to be a zone leader! He's really excited to go back to the island. I hope to be able to serve around him again some time.
We've taught a few more lessons this week. On Friday Elder Hall and I went on an exchange, got lost a bit because I still don't know the transit routes that well, but we taught Jonathan. Just after our lesson with him about the Word of Wisdom we went to a nearby park where the church had a BBQ from 5:00 - 8:00 pm! Elder Lawlor and I are both broke and haven't been able to eat a whole lot so we ate so much there we were pretty much sick after.
Levi and Sonya were taught by Elder Lawlor and Elder Hay yesterday while I was placed with
Elder Lau. We met this really nice Christian guy named Sam who we sort of had a well- lets call it a debate about our beliefs on the Restoration. Sam told me that he could tell that I was rather unhappy that what I was trying to tell him wasn't being understood so I got rather humbled by that. He can't say that he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet but he noticed that I was struggling and prayed for me after the discussion. It's so nice to see people like that forgive you even when they're not from your faith. I learned a valuable lesson to be bold but not overbearing and sore when people don't agree with you.
Well this is all there is to say I guess. I'm grateful for my Father hear on the earth and for his patience in putting up with us for all these years. I know little about being a Father, but I know its a sacred responsibility in our Heavenly Father's plan. I love him so much as well. May we all respect and honor our Fathers throughout our lives. I understand that there are some who were aware of my hard circumstances over the past few weeks that have been fasting and praying hard for me. Thank you. I love you all the more for that as well. Enjoy the start of summer!
Elder Samis 

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