Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March 2, 2015 - Area 3: Campbell River

Backyard Miracles

Another week has past. March has come and the weather though a bit cold is cooperating. Spring is on the way for sure. Lately we've been having some strange experiences with people who have lived really close by. There's been 3 people we found who live on the neighboring street from our place. All of them are interested. Neil is one of them. He seems pretty close to reflection. He doesn't understand the need for a restoration, priesthood authority, and prophets yet. We taught him on Tuesday with Brother Greep who used to be the bishop of the ward.  We will see where things go.

On Tuesday, we taught a new investigator named Candice. She's Native and has a couple kids. We taught her about the restoration and she agreed to set a baptismal date for March 28th! She said that she would be in Vancouver on Sunday, so she couldn't make it to church. She also seems a little on the shy side so we'll have to find some good fellowship for her. 

On Thursday, we were walking to save our km's and we came across another man named Rick on the same street that Neil lives on. He's Native and works out in a logging camp not too far outside town. He says that he's been really interested in looking back into religion. He seems golden! He said that he wanted to introduce us to his family the next time we visited! The only issue may be his working schedule. It's quite unpredictable much of the time, but we will hope for the best. He's been very well prepared.

On Friday, just a door down from Neil, and AGAIN  the same street we talked to a young woman named Sam. She's a recent college graduate and works as an optometrist. She's really friendly and like Rick wants to get Jesus back in her life! 3 miracles all in our own backyard! Elder Brisco was so surprised! He had tracted that street at least a couple of times and there's almost no doubt that the missionaries in the area before had gone through the place multiple times as well. Just goes to show us that re-tracting can work! 

What about Linda? She is doing just fine! She was interviewed by our district leader, Elder Lee and passed with flying colors. She's going to be baptized by Brother Cox on March 7th, a day I'm sure will be long remembered. 

During the time Elder Lee interviewed her, his companion, Elder White, went with me to tract in another part of the city. We found a lady named Natalie who appeared to be quite interested but she missed church.

Sunday we got quite the surprise in sacrament meeting as the stake president made the announcement that our entire ward bishopric was being changed! Brother Cox became bishop and Brothers Aspen and Marr will be his counselors. Our new bishop during our fast and testimony meeting pointed out: "There's a couple of empty rows in the front pews. Soon they will be filled." This area is a bomb waiting to go off! 

So far, the little time I've been in Campbell River has been well spent. We've been seeing a lot of people with real intent be placed in our path. This morning I had the opportunity to go with Elder Brisco to Elk Falls. It's a nice little hike and there's a lot of big trees to pass along the way to the look-out point. I apologize for the lack of photos lately. These computers the church has don't have a place I can plug in my SD card. I'll have to buy something to make it possible to download them.

I can feel myself growing faster then I have ever before on my mission, trying to do my best in staying focused on this work. Hopefully, next week we'll have a few more dates and some more progressing investigators. Have a great week!

Elder Maclean Samis         

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