Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Monday, 14 April 2014

April 14, 2014 - Naniamo South


Hello again everybody! Hope everybody has had a great week. Mine certainly has been! The weather on Vancouver Island has been beautiful as we move deeper into spring. We've found 6 investigators this week, one of them in Ladysmith of all places and our first ever found there! It feels great to be teaching a lot of people!

On Tuesday we taught a new investigator named Loyd who we met last week. Loyd is First Nations and he lives with his girlfriend and younger sister. We taught him the plan of salvation and he took great comfort in knowing that God has prepared a way to live with him again forever in peace after we die. We are meeting with him this Friday

Later that day we taught another investigator named Grant who is concerned about the world around him and why so few people believe in Jesus Christ. We taught him the restoration and although he didn't fully understand why the restoration was necessary, he agreed to be baptized if he reads the Book of Mormon and through prayer finds out for himself what we taught him that day was true.
We were once again unable to meet with Clara and we've decided to pass her teaching record onto the sisters since we believe she would be a better fit with them. Elder Lawter and I will continue to pray for her and hopefully she'll come around sooner or later.

Saturday was easily our best day of the week. Elder Lawter and I have been teaching Conner who is actually the husband of an Elderly sister in our ward. We taught him the restoration on Saturday and He agreed to read the Book of Mormon. He's known a lot about the church from his wife but hasn't shown much of an interest in being baptized until now. Perhaps the Lord feels he's finally ready! Sister A served us some amazing homemade pizza after the lesson that night and we took a lot of leftovers for the next day!

We finally had one of our investigators come to church on Sunday! His name is Elmer and we actually met him at the end of last transfer. I'm pretty sure I mentioned him in one of my previous emails. he's a First Nations man looking after his mother who has been sick for quite some time. Even though Elmer is 31, he looks like he could easily be 19 and he's around the same size and build as me. We taught him the restoration on Saturday and he said he'd like to come to church as long as someone could give him a ride since he doesn't have a car. Thanks to Brother B, who is now fully active in the church once more, Elmer came to church! He said he enjoyed being there but felt "under dressed" since he came in a dark t shirt and skinny jeans.

It's great that we are finally finding people to teach. The Lord has blessed us greatly for our hard work and patience. We can't be sure how far the people we are working with will go but we will keep praying for all of them.

Wishing you all the best,

Elder Maclean Samis

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