Still in Nanaimo for now

Still in Nanaimo for now
Elder Samis on the ferry

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

January 4, 2015 - Area 5: Port Coquitlam

Frost, Fog, and Snow

 The New Year has arrived. There's not a lot more to say about this week aside from the weather. 3 days ago we had some really thick fog roll from off the coast which lingered for a couple days. It was strange seeing the stuff for such a long period of time. There was no snow during those days but some really thick frost that stuck to everything. It was pretty much a white New Year but not really. The REAL snow came earlier this morning. It was dry enough to stick to the ground. Most of it has melted now.

The weather has been cold and it's 2016. Our teaching pool has basically evaporated over the Holidays. Those who had their hearts softened have turned them hard again. William is still on board and we're seeing him tonight at 7:00 pm. There is the added pressure from my mission president and my other leaders that I need to make these last couple of weeks of my mission count. It will take a lot of faith and a lot of focus. 

One very bright spot was meeting this really cool guy named Rich who the last missionaries in Poco found shortly before my arrival. He's a nice guy with a great family. To boot, he knows a lot about hockey. So much that it's actually scary. He puts my hockey IQ to shame! He's met a lot of the greats of the game too because one of his in laws used to work for the NHL so he has a lot of connections. Anyway, he has a work friend who is LDS and he's heard a few things like about how we aren't supposed to drink coffee and alcohol. We explained why and gave him a pamphlet to read before our next visit.

Do I have any resolutions for 2016? Not really... to go to school? To get a job? To find someone who will be baptized after my mission? I can't say. Hope everyone has had a great start to the year and hasn't fallen to the post Christmas blues. Till next Monday, farewell!

Elder Maclean Samis

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